Center For Leadership & Workforce Development

The Center for Leadership & Workforce Development (CLWD) at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) provides custom learning solutions that improve performance and support economic development in our region.

The Leadership & Workforce Development team partners with local businesses and organizations to provide customized learning solutions to equip front-line employees, supervisors and managers with effective workplace skills to strengthen companies.

For the past 40 years, LCCC has led workforce development in eastern Pennsylvania,   partnering   with   small   and   large organizations  in  business, industry, health care, government,  and finance – to  close  skill  gaps  and  cultivate employee peak  performance.

The Center for Leadership & Workforce Development has guided more than 100 businesses, ranging in size from one to 12,000 employees.

Our team provides an affordable, accessible solution in leadership and workforce development, identifies performance improvement needs, ties them to your business plan, then  deploys a network of independent, field-experienced adjunct faculty to development needs-specific training for your group.

Training can be provided by our expert facilitators at your site or any LCCC campus.  The CLWD also provides organizational development consulting, professional development, and open-enrollment courses. In some cases, costs for all or part of your training can be obtained through government funding.

In addition to our noncredit, credit, and short-term job training programs available to the public, we customize courses to a company’s unique needs.