weatherAs part of the Mid Eastern region of Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County enjoys summer temperatures averaging from the mid-70’s to the low to mid-80’s degree F. Average temperatures in the winter are in the low to mid-30’s. The area receives 40 inches of rain annually on average and annual snowfall averages 51 inches. Seasonal changes in the Appalachian region are beautiful and provide many opportunities for enjoyment.

An average growing season of 168 days extends from April 29, the average date of the last freezing temperature in Spring, to October 14, which is the average date of the first freezing temperature in the fall. Snowfall in the area is generally uniform but varies considerably with the rise in terrain, particularly to the north and the south.

Average annual heating degree days — 6087 degree days with a base of 65°F

Average annual cooling degree days — 622 degree days with a base of 65°F

Mean number of clear days sunrise to sunset — 67.2 days

Mean number of partly cloudy days sunrise to sunset — 110.3 days

Mean number of cloudy days sunrise to sunset — 187.8 days

Wind mean speed — 7.8 miles per hour

Wind prevailing direction — West