Restaurants & Shops

Tamaqua Station Restaurant at Nite

In the Tamaqua area, you will find a number of restaurants offering superior dining experiences.  Cuisine ranges from American to Italian, Chinese, Greek and Mexican.  In addition, there are all-American diners and smaller eating establishments serving popular comfort food meals.

Downtown Tamaqua offers a variety of shops, including traditional businesses such as grocery and convenience stores, pharmacies, florists, new and used car dealerships, and bakeries.

Specialized stores include auto parts, hardware, formal wear, appliances, electronics, video rental, and pet supplies. Whether you’re looking for candy, office supplies, or even lumber, downtown Tamaqua can supply your need.

If services are what you seek, professional services in the Tamaqua area include lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, real estate agencies, and financial advisors.  Barbers, hair stylists, travel agents, auto mechanics, towing specialists and photographers can also be found within walking distance of the downtown area.